What's happening?

Whilst looking for new musicians to perform with, I'm looking for opportunities to put on some solo performances. The first few have gone well and the next one will be a "Living Room Concert" in Herzogenbuchsee on 19th Auguat, I'm looking forward to playing in, what should be, a very intimate atmosphere. I'm still looking for more opportunities so keep your eyes on the Concerts page for more details!

The last Red Gold show was on 7th October in Heldenbude, Freiburg, it's a lovely place to play with friendly hospitality and an enthusiastic audience. We'll definitely look to play there again when we're back up to speed.

We wish Karl well with his new project "K2" writing and playing electronic music, we'll certainly be at one of his concerts later this year.

Live videos from the  Schützen, Marabu, Caf Conc & Médiathèque de Soultz concerts are on the "Videos" page.


In the meantime we, Thierry and I, need to reform.

We are looking for

A drummer

A lead guitar or keyboard player

A female singer - lead and backing vocals

If you’re the singer and play the drums, guitar or Keyboard that’s great, if you’re just a singer that’s fine too!

We play original folk-pop-rock and like to play live once a month or so. Your own interpretations will be welcome.

If you want to meet for a chat and a jam to see what you think, contact Ian.